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Offering both short & long-term Counselling



Because we are all susceptible to the challenges life throws at us, which can alter the way we see ourselves & others, I firmly believe in working with the person, not the 'label' - the foundation of my approach. My integrative training in Person-Centred (Humanistic), CBT, Psychodynamic & Existential modalities allows me to dynamically draw from a broad toolkit where therapy is adapted to meet your individual needs.


I'm also trained in the Rewind Technique, which is highly effective in treating trauma without having to relive it through multiple sessions (see more under modalities). I incorporate more creative interventions to help us identify & explore unconscious thoughts and feelings or when it's difficult to express emotions through words. I will share ideas where together, we will explore & incorporate what you feel is most helpful.

Therapy sessions are usually weekly at the same time/day & can take place online or in person. I offer short & longer-term Counselling, which we can discuss at our first consultation. I use pluralistic principles which simply means we work collaboratively & have regular reviews to evaluate the progress of your therapeutic goals.

The clients I work with tell me that the genuine, open & empathic approach I provide helps them to truly be themselves & explore difficult experiences & emotions without fear of being judged – this, in itself, can be very healing. 

Sessions available in East London, Hackney Wick & Online

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